Distribution & Logistics
Surveillance International protects clients from cargo theft through customized logistic security solutions and enhanced site management tools. We can save companies millions of dollars every year by protecting your interior and exterior assets, inventories, and fleets across the US.
Our Solutions:

SI will apply Live Video Monitoring using real-time, bespoke video surveillance systems to stop security risks while or even before they threaten your assets. Our trained experts in logistic industry security will design, install, and maintain the full spectrum of solutions we deem necessary to protect your facilities. By monitoring a wide area for a wide range of activity with both video analytics and the expertise of our trained human operators, our solutions can transcend the capabilities of traditional security guards while remaining up to 60% more cost-effective.

SI also specializes in premier Access Control solutions, including:
  • Ingress/egress control for gates with access to trailer parking and drop zones
  • Driver verification, correct trailer/tractor validation, and open load verification upon inspection at access points
  • Real-time integration with inventory tracking and management systems
  • Tailored security solutions and reporting procedures