Environments of hospitality are often special cases requiring specialized solutions. SI can provide that bespoke touch with the refinement of long-standing industry expertise and a philosophy of closer stakeholder engagement. We serve hotels, entertainment centers, retirement homes, and numerous other facets of the hospitality industry with the same dedication to their residents’/guests’ security and peace of mind.
Our Solutions:

SI exceeds expectations with extensive security threat assessments, regular evaluation of camera placements (also taking into consideration the perceptions of residents/guests), installation and ongoing maintenance support, and complete integration of our solutions for optimum performance.

SI’s solutions for the hospitality industry result in the following:
  • Improved crowd control in heavily trafficked events
  • Increased safety for staff and patrons
  • Effective monitoring of day-to-day operations
  • Elevated customer service
  • Heightened convenience/accessibility with remote monitoring via smart devices
  • Reduced theft, property damage, and other criminal activities
  • Mitigated business liability