A sense of security is indispensable to elevating the value of a residential building. SI elevates your sense of security through the application of unique solutions tailored to the residential environment.
These solutions include:

Live Video Monitoring: SI uses real-time, bespoke video surveillance systems to stop security risks while or even before they threaten your assets. By monitoring for a wide range of activity using both video analytics and the expertise of our trained human operators, our solutions can transcend the capabilities of traditional security guards while remaining up to 60% more cost-effective.

Remote Concierge: In the same way that live video monitoring exceeds and supplants the traditional security guard, our remote concierge solutions make traditional concierge services a relic of the past. Our world-class service specialists can remotely provide customer support, handle requests, coordinate with emergency services, manage visitor access, and distribute packages. When combined with one-way live video monitoring, they can secure a building and even deter security threats with two-way audio systems.

Access Management: Through the combination of video cameras, remote access, and intercoms, our trained operators can control access to residential entryways and vehicle gates while deterring unwanted individuals.