Shopping Malls
Over the years, Surveillance International has designed solutions which tackle the unique security challenges of shopping centers, especially those which cover a large area and with heavy foot traffic. We thoroughly and independently analyze historical threats and property damage, existing guard costs, tenant composition, customer demographics, volume of foot traffic, density of location, abundance of blind spots, and more.
Our retail monitoring solutions can provide real-time over-watch of covered areas including storefronts, back alleys, parking spaces, and even rooftops alongside two-way audio systems to talk down trespassers or unwanted individuals, alerting them to the fact that they are under watch.
Our Solutions:

SI will apply Live Video Monitoring using real-time, bespoke video surveillance systems to stop security risks while or even before they threaten your assets. By monitoring for a wide range of activity using both video analytics and the expertise of our trained human operators, our solutions can transcend the capabilities of traditional security guards while remaining up to 60% more cost-effective.