Surveillance International’s AI/Analytics helps your business make data-driven decisions by using algorithms to analyze large sets of information, thereby optimizing your potential for profit. Our AI/Analytics can utilize already existent data and help unlock enormous value from it. Anything from website optimization, lead predictions, competitor insights, and target audience demand can be understood at new levels with the help of Surveillance International’s AI/Analytics. New data can be analyzed quickly and efficiently on a massive scale.
  • Uncover Insights: Highly accurate AI adds a consistency and scale to analytics that human analysts lack. AI’s pattern detection from large datasets is unmatched, thereby helping to give your company a competitive advantage. Data can be analyzed quickly and efficiently. optical cameras provide matching at a long-range.
  • Make Predictions: Apply sophisticated AI to make predictions about both target audiences and competitors. Interests, demographics, psychographics, product/pricing changes, and content strategy can all be analyzed to make predictions to help your company win market share.
  • Unify Data: Unite data from multiple sources into a single, unified customer view across datasets and sources in order conveniently have the entirety of the information in one place. AI tools can also apply machine learning to this unified data to build more sophisticated lead segments.