Facial Recognition
Surveillance International’s Facial Recognition offers modern, fully integrated visual matching solutions. Our solutions excel in the aspects of speed, accuracy, and data security, which our customers emphasize. Surveillance International’s Facial Recognition is fault-tolerant and performs at a high level even with low-quality images, elevates both quickness and accuracy by using multi-dimensional reference models and advanced structural processing, and is a massively scalable, enterprise-ready application.
  • Standoff placement: Highly accurate FaceEx optical cameras provide matching at a long-range.
  • Group identity detection: Simultaneously detects and matches over 30 faces per camera.
  • Database performance: Face Recognition Accuracy Rate greater than 99% Face Recognition Duration (1:N) less than or equal to 0.6s.
  • Automated enrollment photo optimization: Instantly, FaceEx self-selects optimal images and configures them for use.
  • Accessory detection: FaceEx sustains high accuracy matching even when hats, hoodies, beards, glasses, scarves, and partial face obstruction are present.