Live Video Monitoring
Reduces gaps in security by offering more consistent coverage - our eyes can be everywhere you need them to be, simultaneously.
Surveillance International specialize in live, real-time monitoring of your premises. We are more than just an alarm response team; we bring a tangible presence which acts as a deterrent against security threats. We aim to be proactive, as opposed to the reactive approach of traditional surveillance systems; they only come into play after an alarm is triggered and your property is already compromised, and are often plagued by delayed police response, false calls, and higher chances of criminals escaping justice.

SI eliminates these issues by focusing on prevention over reaction. Our security experts monitor your systems around the clock and can detect suspicious activity, evaluate threats, and act to prevent crimes long before they happen. Once we detect a threat, our trained operators alert the police before a break-in occurs and can provide them with live tactical data. Our operators can even access speaker systems to warn a perpetrator in the act; this is a highly effective deterrent as many trespassers do not even realize they are being watched and are often scared off when they do.

SI can save you time and money by conducting video searches and reviewing camera footage in the event of an incident. We accompany our reviews with customized reports and accompanying police report data (if available) which summarize all relevant details on an incident and provides comprehensive video evidence.