Mobile Video Monitoring
Surveillance becomes portable; you can take our monitoring solutions, and some peace of mind, with you wherever you go.
Our mobile video monitoring systems are reliable, versatile, and built for rapid deployment. They can be mounted on any pole or flat surface and are designed to be effective even on the most difficult sites to secure. Our mobile systems are undeterred by poor electricity, bad lighting, or chaotic movement; they were specifically designed to overcome these challenges and have evolved over time to become the most adaptive and versatile mobile surveillance systems in the industry.
Key features includes:

Versatile installation options (e.g. poles, roofs, other flat surfaces) and the ability to remain effective in many different locations

Ability to support additional camera expansions and live talk-down technology

Live accessibility via multiple platforms such as PCs, laptops, or mobile devices

Cost-effective alternatives to access control guards at site ingress / egress points

Trailer / tractor validation with accompanying loading dock instructions provided during ingress / egress

Rapid deployment

Backup power sources

Fully self-contained surveillance solutions

Driver verification and identification

Live trailer / tractor inspection

Both wireless and hardwired internet capabilities