Solar Video Monitoring
Monitor sites off the grid with robust, solar-powered camera solutions.
Surveillance International offers a variety of solar powered systems, including convenient, pole-mounted versions and other versatile setups, which can monitor sites in areas with poor or no access to reliable power. We offer solar video monitoring that is more cost-effective than physical guards and more robust than any other existing solar powered solutions, while avoiding the pitfalls of frequent faults, unstable communication, high-operating costs, and large carbon footprints associated with less efficient and environmentally friendly systems.
Our solar video monitoring solutions bring clients the following benefits:
  • High energy efficiency via solar panels with advanced battery technology
  • Additional redundancy with backup generators
  • Mountable via pole or mobile trailer
  • Operable without power or hardwired internet connections
  • Customizable equipment options (e.g. cameras and other components)
  • Versatile, effective in multiple locations, and fully self-sustaining