Time Lapse
Record high quality time-lapsed videos from multiple vantage points – great for marketing and project management.
Surveillance International offers time-lapse cameras for project management and marketing; our time-lapse solutions are convenient means to seamlessly view an entire project life-cycle from start to finish, monitor sites in real time, apprise stakeholders on your progress over time, and market your capabilities and achievements in a comprehensive manner.

We mount our time-lapse cameras at strategic vantage points which offer the best perspectives on your project and sites. This makes it simple for your team to create videos which document key steps of the project or which act as visually immersive methods of engaging with existing or potential clients.

Our time-lapse cameras:
  • Are carefully maintained to ensure consistent high-quality video
  • Can be viewed live throughout the duration of a project via a customized web link
  • Can take clear and detailed snapshots at regular intervals, which are stored on SI servers for viewing and editing
  • Can be used to create custom-branded time-lapse videos upon project completion