Total Services
We offer direct customer service, control center support, and advanced customer support tailored to the specific needs of any enterprise.
Surveillance International is a full-spectrum surveillance company offering a comprehensive range of monitoring solutions. We oversee the entirety of your surveillance data network beyond simply monitoring one site; every camera, every NVR, every possible source of data is enveloped under our watch. SI leaves no blind spots or gaps in coverage for security threats to pose a problem, and we are able to take immediate action should one arise.
We offer Total Service platforms delineated in three discreet service levels:
  • Standard Customer Service (SCS): We offer camera design, installation, and ongoing program maintenance to ensure the continuous smooth and proper operation of your surveillance network. Additionally, a client database will be available to store video documentation of on-site incidents and technical issues for tracking, analysis, and final resolution.
  • Control Center Support (CCS): A dedicated team of trained operators will monitor your cameras and other surveillance equipment in real-time while maintaining 24/7 support and troubleshooting. Real-time engagement means that our operators can actively respond to potentials threats during or even before an incident occurs. Possible responses include audio warnings, police dispatch, and client notification.
  • Advanced Customer Support (ACS): Includes comprehensive video research and analytics, in-depth investigation, and on-call services 24 hours a day to handle emergencies.