Video Review Analysis
Our dedicated video analysts can efficiently sort through documented video evidence to save you time during investigation requests.
Surveillance International cameras elevate documentation by using local, integrated NVRs to record site activities. Expert analysts on our video review team study footage/video data, investigate incidents, and provide you with advanced customer support; these services are especially valuable when dealing with expensive liability claims.

Our video review team can pull hours of footage taken during both business and non-business hours in the event of theft, accidents, vandalism, or other incidents. Our team will peruse through the footage and investigate the incident, saving you time and money in doing so. We then create a summarize report outlining the incident and present it for your review. We can also share video reports with the police to assist in apprehending suspects or act as concrete evidence during prosecution. Our solutions for video review analysis can also be used to investigate suspect workplace injury claims and verify deliveries – the possibilities are endless.

SI’s state-of-the-art camera systems have high storage capacity, able to store around thousands of photos at once and up to 90-days of video retention; this is crucial to the services we offer clients in terms of video review and analysis, and a comforting reassurance that the perfect evidence you need to protect yourself will not be lost.